Blueberries sketch on ocre background

One of my fears when thinking about moving to Bakersfield (or more broadly in the US, for that matter), was that I would have to bake blueberry pies and go door to door along the driveways to meet my neigbors (I watch a lot of movies). And of course it’s the baking part that scared me.

I even asked a friend once arrived if we should really do it this way. She replied she didn’t think it was accurate (thank you Universe!), and that I should probably greet them with croissants instead (argh!). Then she said we watched to much american movies.

We ended up going door to door, without any pastry of any kind or from any continent. And as much as baking pies would have been an exciting project for some, for me, just meeting people was the fun part.

The blueberry pie is still a pending project thought, as one should face their deepest fears and bake, right?

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