Keskidees mixes its wonderment at its new relocation city after decades in Paris, France, notes about living abroad, and little pieces of writing about random thoughts.

This website is very much local, and focuses on Bakersfield, California. It's all about adjusting our overall life aesthetics, thoughts and routines while relocating and meeting new people and encountering different lifestyles.

The Bakersfield Section showcases local entrepreneurs, talents, venues, and local individuals, while the Notes Section is a more personal look on our daily experiences, and less limited to Bakersfield's geography.

The Readings Section will soon showcase marvels... books, illustrations, authors and publishing houses who thrive on sharing beautiful words, stories and sketches on paper, and which I've discovered living here.

This site is overall about wonderment and wanderment, hence I really wish for you to wander and wonder and smile joyfully or thoughtfully at what you will discover here. I hope you will enjoy my attempt at a Keskidees english version. In advance, pardon my french.


When French people reached California with their hopes and dreams during the Gold Rush, they landed in San Francisco, California.

At that time, the city was already lively with plenty of foreigners, from Spain, China, all over the world. But it seems that my fellow countrymen from that era struggled quite a bit with the language.

They could rarely join in the conversations, it turns out. They mostly looked at each other repeating the French equivalent of "What is it they're saying?" [Qu'est-ce qu'ils disent? in french]... a great lot.

And that turned into a nickname for the French people of Califronia aka "the keskidees".

I find this story absolutely hilarious. And being ourselves French, freshly relocated in California, sometimes lost in translation, and humor-loving-self-mockery-empowered people, the blog title was meant to be.

Me, myself and I : I like to write stories about projects and people here on Keskidees, and there on The Fabricants. I've been working in various fields, from arts and museums to medical devices, always to promote teams, ideas, and products. I have always managed to work with creative people, and have a thing for outsiders. I thrive on recreating a bit of the feeling here in Bakersfield, which seems a little under-rated to me. I also studied high-wrap tapestry in France, and took my loom along; you can check some of my works here.