I can feel people enjoy flowers around here. Signs, paintings, designed cards, decor… but where to get crisp fresh flowers and beautiful bouquets for your home, for a wedding or for others? Head Downtown Bakersfield and meet with House of Flowers ; )


And… the rest is History

Amanda started working for florists when she was in high school. From administrative work surrounded by delicate smells and joyful colors, she then moved to helping with fresh flower materials in the shop. Which she enjoyed even more, given creative supplies were widely sprinkled and often in use for various artistic projects at home. And with antique furniture lovers and shop owners as grand-parents… Appreciation for all things well-made and designed must run in the family.

When the opportunity knocked at her door a couple of years later, she seized it, and installed her own floral business with only two (but sturdy and well-known) clients. In 2008, Amanda’s mother who was in real estate took the crisis as an opportunity to reinvent herself as well. She joined in, followed by Ben (Amanda’s brother), and the business has been growing among the family and beyond the city since then, while remaining faithful to the art of flowering and pleasing customers. On random non-occasions, or for important, life-changing and most often emotional events.


Learning curve

Amanda learned on-the-go, mostly by experiencing flowers and researching on her own. Being a new entrepreneur can be a lonely and sometimes harsh journey, handling the administrative, finances, personal life, dealing with suppliers and allowing enough time for the creative process so the global project can bloom.

House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, making a bouquet
Where it all starts and creativity takes place. Photo credit: Keskidees


I am guessing it is not always easy to have simple and honest discussions about your professional field with your local competitors, which is understandable, although styles and approaches are different, and when it comes to creativity, there is room for everyone. This is the way House of Flowers takes it anyway : the more you share, the more you grow. So she started sharing and learning and giving and getting support from fellow floral artists on the social media. Getting to know her professional community on a couple networks helped a lot, taught a lot, and even led to friendships beyond professional support.

House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, Amanda's hands at work
Amanda at work. Photo credit: Keskidees


But when Amanda felt her learning curved had reached a plateau, she decided to invest in professional workshops to reach another level, broaden or perfect her skills. Understanding the techniques, innovations and gathering knowledge open minds, and allow to experiment differently with your core material.

House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, finalized bouquet
One of a kind, uberfresh. Photo credit: Keskidees


This eagerness to offer well-thought hand-made products and this open-mindedness and generosity is the essence of House of Flowers, showing in the floral arrangements, but also in the shop itself, presenting a sharp selection of California-sourced quality products.


Getting curious and cosy

The shop itself is very welcoming. Amanda exhibits the family creations indeed (it is about flowers in the end!), but very delicately and with humility, among other fellow makers and designers. The name House of Flowers definitely reflects the atmosphere of the place, where one can instantly feel at home, relaxing under the greenhouse while appreciating the vintage potteries and funky decor.

House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, the greenhouse
Enjoy the greenhouse, furniture and decor. Photo credit: Keskidees


House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, vintage potteries
In case you are missing a vase… Photo credit: Keskidees


House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, store interior
A many treasures shop. Photo credit: Keskidees


It’s quite a bold and successfully arranged mixed and matched, where anyone can find the perfect gift. Whether you discover amazing candles with Aura (I am clearly not a big fan of scented candles but these have actually got me thinking differently), stumble upon Rowsie Vain’s natural perfume, look for a unique vase to complete your collection, need herbal tea for a healthy after-meal with Vana Tisanes, want to give a kinfolk/livefolk look to an interior with For Love and Well Being macrame suspensions, or looking for a china unicorn to funk your shelves up… I am guessing you won’t always visit House of Flowers for flowers and cacti only.

House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, cacti
Get’em all! Photo credit: Keskidees


House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, selection of sold items
A flower shop that comes with a lot more. Photo credit: Keskidees


The family has been organizing workshops and various events too, especially on Downtown Bakersfield 1st Friday and 2nd Saturday gatherings. A nice way to meet new people while discovering a technique or connect with the artist in you!

Sure, you can wait for the next wedding to stop-by, since Amanda, Diane and Ben make such beautiful floral arrangements for these special occasions, let alone the jewel hair accessories showcased in the shop (something blue/new anyone?)… But why wait that long. I for one don’t have any wedding planned, but I can fine a dozen excuses very good reasons to at least drive there, take a look and a bundle of good vibes at the same time ; )


Going there

House of Flowers is located Downtown Bakersfield, among the more and more lively and active creative scene of the City.

It was clear for the family that they would dwell the business Dowtown Bakersfield, even ten years ago, when the neighborhood was less trendy, Padre-less, but still very popular and carrying Bakersfield’s feeling and History.

So going there is always a pleasure, and one can turn its getting flowers errand into a Historic, gourmet, or simple wonderment walk. Park, grab a coffee to go, look up for designed store fronts or signs, look down for aesthetic marks on the pavement, look straight for street art and murals, and you’ll be in House of Flowers in no time.

House of Flowers, Bakersfield California, photo of the family
Diane, Amanda and Ben, owners and artists. Photo credit: Keskidees


Thanks a lot Amanda, Diane and Ben for having me around, sharing your story and nice vibes. Hope it all sows in this article!


House of Flowers is located 1611 19th St, Bakersfield, CA 93301.
Amanda, Diane and Ben will welcome you Monday through Friday from 9 am to and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. And you can reach them on (661) 326-7000.

For more info or to order online, visit their website here, and to keep up with designs and events, you can follow them on their instagram or facebook page.



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